With an opportunity to expand the existing pub site into a neighbouring foyer. Peter from The Rag & Famish came to us with an idea create a small cafe that could cater for cafe trade separate from the pub trade. The food and beverage space was developed to serve the growing number of customers that walk pass daily.

With the cabinet food and coffee being the mainstay, we focused on these two elements and gave as much capacity as possible including chilled, ambient and heated display cabinets. Adhering to the relevant codes, we provided sinks and hand-basins required and used every millimetre of space available. The result is a functional and efficient space that can have a number of staff catering for the increasing customers.

The visual brief was to bring elements of the strong Sydney city cafe culture to North Sydney. This was achieved with glossy black tiles, rich textured timbers and the small plant and basket details that are not often found on the North Shore.

The overall result is something that has a strong identity separate from the neighbouring business and offers a real feel of the Sydney cafe scene on the North Shore. The space works well and has become a great little cafe destination.