The Architects (Patterson Associates) designed this new building located in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of the Gardens. The building inspiration is said to come from the existing historic conservatories within the Botanic Gardens but with a modern twist. The front facade is glazed and forms a zig-zag shape. Within the glass façade there is walk passage, the kitchen borders the passageway, mirroring the same zig-zag shape as the façade.

Due to the unusual kitchen shape all the benching was custom stainless benching, formed to fit the angles, as was the extraction hood.

It was a challenging space. There is an outdoor seating capacity of 200+ people on a fine day with further seating provided inside the café also. There was a separate storage area located elsewhere in the facilities meaning as much storage as possible needed to be incorporated into the Kitchen by way of wall shelves, under bench shelves, dry store shelving and chiller space.

The servery counter needed to maximise cabinet display space whilst still providing adequate storage for crockery, related servery equipment and coffee/ drinks area.

Photo Credit—vbase ilex cafe