When approached to discuss the operational design at the old Hydro Café, Project Design International (PDI) jumped at the chance as the site offered a great potential to add value through thoughtful design. The existing kitchen was in dire need of development and the bar design was a blank canvas, all of which is a speciality of PDI.

Working with the operators Brent & Lisa we discussed the menu, style of operation and requirements from the kitchen. The existing structure was concrete so the footprint couldn’t change yet the capacity needed to increase. What was developed has proved to be a success with great capacity and flexibility through equipment specification, as well as a kitchen that visually compliments the new interior.

As the operators had limited experience in bar development, PDI worked closely with the interior designer, beer supplier and builders to design, develop & specify everything the bar needed to meet the proposed style of service. With all elements discussed in detail and then documented, the bar came together and works beautifully as well as looking amazing.

All equipment specified was supplied by Southern Hospitality and all of the stainless steel fabrication came from Project Stainless, which furthers the lasting working relationship PDI has with a number of suppliers.

The new Hayes Common site is a testament to all who were involved and is sure to become a must-visit destination in the Hamilton hospitality scene. 

Photo Credit—Karl Walter @ Estco Photography