Habibi’s Kebab is located in the busy Bayfair Shopping Centre’s food court. It offers Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine. Therefore, the design and branding solutions were based on both of the European Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Mediterranean styles and influences.

The use of ceramic tiles, wooden planks, and lanterns were identified as fundamental features of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean Design Style. Hence, the selected main design motif is the lantern shape commonly used in Moroccan lights. We selected two matching ceramic tiles in two different colours and sizes. The dark Mediterranean Blue logo was designed to match the lantern shaped ceramic tiles.

The logo is installed on a light Grey colour lantern shaped Ceramic tiled wall which strengthens the shape identity, and adds a layer of fine detailing to the background. Whereas, the middle section of the tenancy has warm coloured finishes to create a strong focal point. This was achieved by the use of random patterns Spanish ceramic tiles, and light coloured European timber planks complement the Light brown tones in the coloured ceramic tiles. Finally, handmade authentic pendant lights were placed enrich the over design theme.