With a well known historic hotel site in need of a fresh face, PDI Sydney were assigned to help with the development of the Crown Hotel's (Surry Hills, Sydney) function bar, kitchen and eight accommodation rooms. Working closely with GM Ben Stehr, PDI to best develop the site to cater for a wide range of functions with a more contemporary interior, flexible furniture layouts and optimise utilisation of spaces. 

The function bar has an entranceway, main bar and side lounge. The use of finishes, fixtures and furniture gives each area its own identity while ting the spaces together. The result is the space can be used for simultaneously for different events. 

The design language in the function bar, was extended into the boutique accommodation rooms and a communal lounge area. The use of texture and colour added softness and warmth to the rooms creating a relaxing and comfortable space. The communal area was transformed into a multi use lounge with basic facilities and a sun-lit roof terrace surrounded with plants.

The existing kitchen was unable to meet the anticipated demand. PDI utilised many years of operational design to develop and specify a kitchen that now has capacity to cater for a range of functions as well as general dining.

From operational design to interiors and accommodation, PDI was able to offer the full range of design services and is very proud of all the work completed at the Crown Hotel. Working closely with Southern Hospitality on the supply of all equipment and furniture was critical delivering another successful job.

The site scope has now extended into the public bar so watch this space for future updates.