With an open brief for finishes (and under the watchful eye of centre management) we drew on the colourful and textured nature of the existing Sydney and Brisbane stores to create a site that would stand out as a Chur Burger to anyone that was familiar with the brand, while retaining its own unique flavour. The end result is a long way from the burger kiosks of old and something that both the client and our design team are very proud of.

“Growing Chur Burger across different cities we needed a dedicated and experienced team to help design and develop our latest site, Chur Express. The team at PDI got to know us and understand our business from the operation and equipment through to visual identity and branding and have helped deliver an awesome finished product. Having the one team to design and specify everything made the process run smoothly and helped create the best Chur Burger we could have hoped for.” Warren Turnbull. Chur Burger.