Natasha Cox

Natasha Anquetil

Senior Design Consultant


Q. How long have you been working in design and where did you start?

A. For over 10 years now. After completing my degree in Interior Architecture, I worked locally here in Wellington on some large-scale hotel jobs in the pacific islands – thrown in the deep end I learnt quickly on the job the challenges and triumphs of being real life designer!

Soon after I spent 8 years in Melbourne continuing in the design industry, prior to returning to the capital.


Q. What design has made a lasting impression on you?

A. Rajasthan’s ‘forgotten’ stepwells.  I visited several of them while traveling India. The telescoping views, towering pavilions, and the powerful play of light and shadow are equally disorienting.


Q. Favourite project you have been part of?

A. Hilton Shenzen Futian. Taking the lead on a number of public spaces including the All Day Dining, Health Club and Executive Lounge - working with clients and consultants around the world was both challenging and rewarding.


Q. Favourite design and why?

A. The smaller details found amongst Carlo Scarpa’s masterpieces. Simple and refined I have always admired them.


Q. Most influential designer to you?

A. Carlo Scarpa 


Q. What’s your best design lesson?

A. You could have the world’s best design, but if you don’t know how to explain the problem being addressed and the reason for your design decisions, the design may never be given the credit to proceed.

I think context is king when it comes to pitching your idea or concept to others.